<img src="family-portrait-beach.jpg" alt="family-portrait-beach" />11/21/16 – Sometimes it’s the photos you think are going to be the easiest that turn into a challenge. I thought it would be cool to do their footprints in the sand. This is probably the 8th time we did it! 🙂 The first couple of times the footprints weren’t clear enough. Then we moved closer to the water where the sand was wet. We got two good footprints and then the water came up and covered them. So we moved back and tried again. We finally got it! Now, I realize the spacing isn’t 100% even but life isn’t perfect. I could “fix” it in Photoshop but I actually prefer it the way it is. Maybe because I was there and have the memory of what it took to get this shot – just like the family will remember.